Saturday, December 21, 2019

Fences a Novel by Agust Williams Essay - 1814 Words

A Discussion of Father and Son Relationships The New York Times deems August Wilson as â€Å"the poet of black of black America† (Isherwood). Wilson brilliantly and wittingly brings life, meaning, and complexity to a culture of people. Furthermore, Wilson bridges this connection between African Americans and their cultural identity. The play Fences paints black life during the 1950’s era and it is the sixth play in a ten play cycle (â€Å"August Wilson’s Fences†). The 1950’s reflects a transitional state of time where African Americans were beginning to stand up and fight against racism. August Wilson integrates the social and cultural factors present during the 1950’s into his play Fences. Additionally, much of the issues faced by the characters†¦show more content†¦Troy and His Father Imagine living in a place that denies you the innate right to be who you want to be; imagine life through the eyes of Troy Maxson. As a child Troy possessed a true passion for baseball but due to racial constraints he was not rendered the chance to pursue such a goal. Troy’s father reinforces racial problems through his role as father; moreover, it is as if he internalized the â€Å"evils† of racism. Troy is only encouraged to pursue â€Å"tangible† blue collar jobs as his father, since blacks had no real chance in the major leagues. However, Wilson highlights the issues African American males faced in the 1950’s in trying to maintain any job and sustain enough money to provide for their family. Troy’s father was a sharecropper but we learn that his farm is falling into debt. This economically cripples Troy’s father, and it leaves him to feel hopeless and incapable to provide for his family and fulfill his role as a male. The economic hardsh ips Troy’s father faces negatively impacts him and we see this through his actions. Soon Troy can no longer recognize his father for who he once was and he even calls him â€Å"the devil himself†

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