Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Mohawk Industries Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mohawk Industries - Case Study Example Per the website of the company, Mohawk-Flooring.com, the Company was started in Amsterdam City in New York, in the year 1878 by Shuttleworth brothers. Although the company was started in the year 1878 the first major break for the company happened in the year 1908 when the new carpet 'Karnak' was introduced by the company. For this product there were numerous orders because of the quality and novelty of the product. The large and continuous orders made the company work on the same product for at least next five years without changing the design or colour of the product. The real name Mohawk was attributed to the company in the year 1920, when the Shuttleworth Brothers Companies amalgamated itself with McCleary, Wallin and Crouse. The Company was named after the Mohawk River Valley a part of the New York. This merger gave the additional strength for the company to become a monopoly producer of domestic woven carpets. During the 1950s the company took bold steps for major expansion and also set up manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and South Carolina. This period also witnessed the creation of an animation character 'Tommy Mohawk' by Walt Disney. In the year 1956, Mohasco Industries was formed by a merger of Mohawk Mills Inc and Alexander smith Inc.

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