Saturday, March 14, 2020

Weird tourist attractions across the globe. Read more

Weird tourist attractions across the globe. Read more Top 6 weird tourist attractions around the world Halloween tours gain popularity among common travelers, as they allow you to explore the creepiest places on our planet. We’ve made a list of tourist spots that will set your imagination on fire. For all those, who love things that go bump in the night and can’t live without the mysterious, we have a treat: The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. Basalt columns, shaped in the form of a giant’s palm, are known to be one of the best sites in Northern Ireland. The odd structure that dates back to the days when Anglo-Saxons ruled Britain resembles a fantastic composition out of a fairy tale and is popular among tourists, who want a touch of history to their traveling routine. The Tianzi Mountains, China. Located in the Hunan Province in China, these peaks are nothing short of the ordinary. They are often covered in mist, and fog never ceases to flow over the cliffs. Many people say this is because the place is sacred, and tourists are attracted by sense of wonder that is present in Tianzi. You can take a car to the nearby village and later choose one of the trails to soak in the views. Besides, the magical sight of the mountains inspired film directors to create â€Å"Avatar†. The floating cliffs that we see in the movie are certainly a tribute to the Tianzi. The Nasca Lines, Peru. These strange geometric figures and animalistic images, etched into Pampa de San Josà ©, remain a mystery and excite a traveler’s mind anytime one comes closer for examination. Visible only from a distance and from a tower, located nearby, these lines may serve as an evidence of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the barren lands. What makes this sight even more exciting is the art of performance. The Nasca made the images stretch in one single line, and some of the shapes and forms are still not explained by science. Socotra Island, Yemen. Socotra Island may not belong to Africa geographically, but its unique flora causes scientists to open their mouths in awe. The island is mainly comprised of barren lands, covered with various species of fruits and plants. Most of them look bizarre to a European eye, and the biodiversity that is present on Socotra can make anyone speechless. Travelers love Socotra for its unbelievable atmosphere and the feeling of otherworldliness that engulfs you once you step on this land. Among the species that are particularly eccentric we can name the dragon’s blood tree with its extensive root system and a crown that looks majestic and scary. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island, the Philippines. Conical in shape, these hills were once coral deposits. UNESCO named them one of the world's natural wonders, though some of the scientists claim their origin to be man-made. However, the hills are now more than 1, 000 years old, and when the rainy season is over, they gradually turn brown. This is why people associate them with chocolate cones and ice cream every time they are mentioned in the press. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA. Though it may look like a Martian surface from the distance, this site has nothing to do with space. Situated two miles away from Salt Lake City, strange concrete formations earned their name due to their eerie shape. Scientists claim that years of erosion and exposure to wind and sand have caused these structures to look the way they do now. You can take a drive from Salt Lake City to see the goblin monuments with your own eyes – the impression is all the more creepy as they are located in the middle of a barren plain.

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